NHS Donation Blue Lightening


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For every sale of this lamp (includes your free fragrance choice) we will donate 10% of the sale to the NHS.

“This lamp for me symbolises everything that is the NHS. Strong, well made, able to take on anything, highly functional. The different blues in this lamp to me represent all the different disciplines of the NHS, The mosaic pieces are the workers ,coming together to form a team that  supports each other ” – Paul, Fragrance Express UK owner.

The flame-less operation  of our lamps makes the lamps safer and much more efficient to use than scented candles.  The lower operating temperature also means that the aromas in the oil are diffused very efficiently into the air without being burned.

While air fresheners and room sprays usually attempt to mask odours, catalytic Fragrance Lamps actively sterilise (they kill virus, bacteria, mould spores) purify, cleanse, and perfume the air in a wide area. Common odours produced by cooking, pets, tobacco can be safely and effectively removed by using these lamps.