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Combining Fragrance Oils for a New Individual Aroma

We have a selection of combination recipes that produce new and exciting fragrances. You can now order these combinations as a single product from the Combination Recipes page.

How do I combine the fragrances?

When you receive your oils, mix them together in the ratio stated prior to filling your lamp, for instance one part of one of the oils together with two parts of the other. You can even try your own ratios!

Experimenting with other combinations

If you have more than one fragrance oil, put a very small amount of oil on a finger on one hand and the other oil on another finger on the hand. Rub together until dry and see if you you like the result. You can then mix the oils either equally or in a one part/two part combination to make one fragrance dominant. Feel free to try any combination! Please use waterproof gloves if you have not handled the oils before.

If you find a combination you like, we would love to hear about it.
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*All Combination Recipes are subject to Copyright and are the Intellectual Property of Fragrance Express UK and cannot be used or copied without the express permission of FEUK in writing.