Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fragrance Lamps will clean the air in your home!

At Fragrance Express UK we care about your home environment. The combination of our fragrance lamps and lamp fragrances has been proven to:

  • Purify the air
  • Reduce all kinds of odours – including cooking and pet smells
  • Effectively fragrance your home environment

Why are some lamps categorised as being a particular colour when they have two or more colours?

In order to keep the product pages simple and uncluttered we decided to categorise the lamps by the most dominant colour.  When there is more than one dominant colour, we categorise them as ‘Multi-coloured’.

Will my lamp by exactly the same as the photograph on the website?

Each lamp is unique and there will be some variations in colours and patterns between them, except for our Handmade range where the lamp will be as depicted on the website. A fragrance lamp is a truly unique purchase!  In the unlikely event that the lamp you purchase does not match your expectations, we will happily exchange it.

Which size replacement crown do I need?

Please click here to see the full article about this.