Unique Handmade Ceramic Lamp


Fire & Brimstone

New for 2024, our exclusive made-for-Fragrance-Express-UK handmade Ceramic Fragrance Lamp.

Working in close partnership with Anita Harris, a world renowned ceramic artist of the highest calibre, and combined with our lamp technology, we have come up with a rare and exciting range of  Fragrance Lamps. Every one is unique and handmade from start to finish. Anita has pieces in the V&A museum and in Windsor Castle.

All the designs are made using the advice and skills of Anita.

Every Fragrance Lamp is signed by Anita and by myself.
You can almost hear the lava hissing as it pours down the side of the lamp. The vibrancy of the colours in this lamp make this a real statement of art. Reds and golds with the most wonderful yellow bring this lamp alive.